Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

May 26, 2011
By kgcx3 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
kgcx3 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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“It wasn’t bright out – a typical day in Forks, Washington – but I still felt like a spotlight was trained on me, drawing attention to the delicate ring on my left hand.”

This is not the beginning of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer, but it was one of the important opening sentences for a paragraph.

The plot of this book was interesting. This is a sad/happy type of story that will make you very excited to find out what happens next. This book is told in 3 different perspectives of the same story. In the last book of the Twilight Saga, unexpected, amazing things happen. When I first read this book I couldn’t believe what I was reading, it was truly amazing.

This final story is mainly based around how Bella and Edward’s life turns out after graduation. Everything Bella ever wanted is finally coming true. She’s going to be with Edward forever and become a vampire like him; until something unexpected happens (I don’t want to give it away).

Stephanie Meyer has switched up her writing style in this book. It is separating into “3 book”. Book one is Bella’s perspective, book two Jacob’s and book three is Bella’s again. The change of perspectives is a little hard to handle sometimes, but other then that I thought it was a great idea and change for her writing style. This was a way to get two of the most important people of the stories perspective everything.

Personally, I found this book very amazing. People can say they hate Twilight all they want, but it doesn’t change my opinion on this book. Breaking Dawn was by far my favorite book from the Twilight Saga. I thought the other books were great too, but to me this one was just an outstanding book. I think it’s because I just enjoyed the plot of this book so much that had me seeped into the book from page one. This is a story that will have you reading until the very last page; and wanting more.

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