My Story by Usain Bolt

May 26, 2011
By , Clendinin, WV
My story Bolt,Usain. Hammersmith, London: Harper Collins, 2010, 282 pages

The biography is about a Jamaican guy named Usain Bolt. In the biography he tells us how his child hood was like and compares it too his life now. Growing up was rough for him because he had a poor family like most other Jamaicans. The schools that he went to were also poor. Their track was a grassy field and the school was small but that’s common for a Jamaican school especially an elementary school.

During his child hood Usain was like any other Jamaican child, in to sports like cricket, football, and Track and Field. When he stated basic school he was 2 years old. As a child he was great at all sports like running, cricket, and football.

Sports have been major in his life, especially Olympic because he is the fastest man in the world. Other sports like cricket and football were sports that he cherished as a kid growing up. Early in 2004 he broke the World Junior record for the 200 meter dash running it in 19.93 seconds. He is the fastest man in the world setting the world record at the World Championships in Korea for the 100 meter dash running an astonishing 9.58 seconds.
The biography gave information about Usain Bolt as a child and told things about his childhood life. It also gave information on his life now and what all he has accomplished over the years. The biography show that you can do anything in the world you just have to put your mind to it and fight for it. The book compares to athletes like Michael Johnson the guy that Usain beat his record. The book was great and I would recommend it to any one that likes Olympics.

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