Jesse James American Outlaw by Jesse James with Sam Benjamin

May 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Jesse James American Outlaw. James, Jesse with Sam Benjamin, New York: Simon and Shuster, Inc. 2011. 359 pages.

Have you ever been the center of attention? Well, Jesse James has. From being a football star in high school to owning a multimillion dollar motorcycle company Jesse James has done it all. In this book Jesse James American Outlaw by Jesse James and Sam Benjamin you will learn all about Jesse’s life. Jesse writes this book as kind of a refuge. He needs to figure himself out, while at the same time being an inspiration for others.

Jesse James is a California native. At the age of seven his mother left him forcing him to live with his dad. Jesse was deathly scared of his father. All throughout his childhood his father verbally and physically abused him. Playing football, it seemed, was the only peace Jesse got to feel. It was also a great way for him to get his anger out. Jesse ended up going to a community college within walking distance of his house. A couple of months later Jesse quit college. After a few years of body guarding Jesse met Karla. With Karla’s help he started the motorcycle company West Coast Choppers.

Coming from a rocky childhood Jesse is an inspiration for all. When asked what the key to success is Jesse said that one of the keys for success is to find a way to put determination and dedication into building a life. I agree with Jesse. If you want to be a successful person you need to have determination and dedication. This book inspires you to follow t=your dreams no matter what obstacles.

This was a wonderful book to read. It tells of the struggles of fame. It also tells of his marriage with Sandra Bullot. Jesse is very descriptive of all the key elements of his life. Jesse James American Outlaw is unlike any book I have ever read. I give this book four out of five stars.

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