Amy Grant Peices Of My Life So Far by Amy Grant

May 26, 2011
By kayla townsend BRONZE, West Virginia
kayla townsend BRONZE, West Virginia
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Amy Grant: Pieces Of My Life So Far. Grant, Amy. New York: Flying Dolphin Press, 2007. 210 pages.

The book Amy Grant My Life So Far is a wonderful and inspiring book. The entire book discuses Amy’s family, her children, her career, experiences, and the places she has been. Amy Grant incorporates poems that go along with each section, just to help you further understand the point that she is addressing.

Amy Grant expresses her Christianity several times throughout this book. Amy likes to sing at weddings, church functions, youth groups and more. She says “She likes to go where ever they will have her.” She truly loves what she does, singing, and communicating with popular, and excellent people…

The purpose of this book is to detail her life, her family life, her career, and to express herself. This book will make you truly understand sentimental values, and memories, based on how many she incorporates into the book. She tells about vacations, business trips, and many other memories.

Amy writes her own poems in this book! She does extremely well at this, in my opinion. I like them well, because they always go along with everything she wrote in the passage before. I really like this book, and I believe you will as well!

The author's comments:
This is a wonderful book!

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