Burnt Toast And Other Philosophies of Life by Teri Hatcher

May 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Burnt Toast by Teri Hatcher is about the hard life of Teri. She talks about how she always felt like she didn’t deserve good things. She always lived her life settling for the worst until now. At its core is a message: if you're happy, it doesn't follow that you make someone else unhappy. If you refuse the burnt toast, it doesn't mean someone else has to eat it. Teri wrote this book to teach people women should expect and settle for the worst and that even if you don’t get the golden buttered slice, it meant someone else had to suffer.

Teri just turned 40 and decided she wasn’t going to live 10 more years this way. Teri says, “Toast. You know when you are trying to make it and you can’t just get it right? It’s too light or too soft and then totally burnt. Are you the kind of person who scrapes off the black or do you smother it in jam? Do you throw it away or just eat it?” Well, Teri always ate the burnt toast. All her life, she thought she didn’t deserve what was best for her.

Throughout the book, she talks about how she struggled to become an actress. She says she doesn’t know how someone like her could be an actress but it happened. Teri also says don’t tell yourself you can’t do great things. Always shoot for your dreams. You may be surprised for what is to come.

Teri overcame her low self esteem and decided to do what’s best for her. From now on, she says she will do whatever she can to do what is right for herself and her child. I encourage many women to read this book. It gives a very good message about being divorced with a child and trying to make it. So don’t settle for the burnt toast. Scrape it off and make it better for yourself.

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