Review - The Book Thief

May 20, 2011
By Anonymous

The book I read recently was called The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It takes place in Germany at the beggining of WWII, and ends at the end of WWII. The book isn't about WWII though. The narrator is Death, and in the first chapter he is explaining how he views life. How life is a bunch of colors. Like the sky might be a milky white, or red as blood. He finds a interest in the life of a young girl named Liesel. He ran into her twice by death around her. What really got his attention was when Liesel's brother died, and how she delt with it.

She got the name the book thief from when she was at her little brother's funeral. She was watching the grave diggers low the coffin into the ground, and she saw a book poking out of the snow. The book was titled The Grave Digger's Handbook. At this time she could not read.

They were on their way to drop her and her little brother (Until he died) off at a foster parents house. Their mom was too worried that she couldn't support them. When they arrived she met her foster mother Rosa Hubermann, and Hans Hubermann. Rosa seems to be a horrible, b****y woman, and Hans at first seems weird because the first thing he asks of Liesel is if she can roll cigarettes, then he sits with her for two hours teaching her how to roll. She has it down.

Hans and Liesel form a strong Father and Daughter relationship when Hans hears her screaming in the night from nightmares. He goes in to calm her down, and so it begins that this happens everynight. He would play the accordian (Which he got from a buddy back in WWI.) for her. After some time she asks him if he will teach her to read. So it begins that she starts learning.

Hans's job is a painter. So he had this idea to go to the basement and they would paint words on the wall for Liesel to study. When the wall is all filled up, they would coat it white and do it over and over.

She steals her second book on Hitler's birthday at a book burning. After everyone has left she finds a book in the burnt pile called The Shoulder Shrug. Hans reads this to her at night after her nightmares. Though, there was a witness who saw her take the book. The Mayor's wife. At first Liesel is scared she'd be introuble, but it turns out the Mayor's wife is okay with it. She lets Liesel come over and read from their huge library.

Nothing really exciting happens too much until the guy who gave the accordion to Hans, well, his son shows up at the front door. He needs a place to hide. He's a jewish boy. He stays there for a while, and exchanges story's with Liesel. They have things in commen. He's 24, she's like 12. So it's more of a brother to sister thing. Well after some time people find out they had a Jew hiding in their basement, so he had to leave.

Hans was punished for hiding a Jew. But, in a different way. He was forced to enlist into the German Army. He had to leave Liesel behind with Rosa. But at this point in the book we come to realise Rosa does love Liesel. But it's still tragic she loses the only thing close to a father she had.

After some time Liesel becomes lost and depressed. She starts writing in a journal. In the journal she writes her own story. After this bombings start to happen. The town she lives in, nearly everyone gets killed. Her neighborhood where her best friend lives, the owner of the shops, her foster mom Rosa. Hans dies in the war.

At the end of the book, she is with her best friend's dad (The kid who is dead's dad) at a tailor helping him. One day the Jew (Max) who once lived with them comes in, asking for her. They hug, collapsing to the ground crying.

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