The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

May 18, 2011
By Sarah Hartmann BRONZE, St Louis, Missouri
Sarah Hartmann BRONZE, St Louis, Missouri
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The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock is the story of DJ Schwenk, who plays football for her high school football team. DJ and her family live on a dairy farm in Red Bend, Wisconsin. She has a best friend named Amber, and a friend named Brian who is like her boyfriend, but they never officially go out. DJ goes through problems such as boys, an injury, huge decisions, and taking care of her brother in the hospital. Most of the story takes place in Wisconsin, Washington, and Minnesota. She goes through a great deal throughout the book.

I loved this book. From beginning to end, it keeps you entertained. After the first chapter I was already into it. It’s full of so many events that happen in that part of DJ’s life, that it never gets dull. There was only one part that was just a little boring, which was when DJ is at the hospital for so long. It’s kind of the same things over and over, but even that part is somewhat interesting. Catherine Murdock does a great job in keeping the story flowing, rather than having super exciting parts one chapter, and extremely boring parts the next.

This book is the sequel in a three book series. I’ve never read the first book, Dairy Queen, but you don’t need to in order to understand this book.

Overall, The Off Season is an amazing book. It’s joyful, funny, and sad. I’d recommend it mostly for girls, because there is romance. It also has a lot of sports in it, which gives it a good balance from being a mushy romance novel. Anyone who reads this book will love it and never want to put it down.

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