Maximum Ride Schools Out Foreverer by James Patterson

May 16, 2011
By Ryan Alpert BRONZE, Pound Ridge, New York
Ryan Alpert BRONZE, Pound Ridge, New York
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Maximum Ride Schools Out Forever

Maximum Ride Schools Out Forever by James Patterson is a fast paced fantasy book. This book starts off right were The Angel Experiment left off. This is a suspenseful book. James Patterson is an amazing author who has written many novels for middle school and high school kids. All of the books in his series are fast paced, easy to read, suspenseful, that will always leave you hanging. This book is an action and fantasy book. The idea of human bird hybrids is very creative. This is an interesting book to read and find out all of the things that Max and her flock had to do. Have you ever wanted wings and been able to fly? Well I would think again.
Max and her flock have to battle Erasers (wolf human hybrids) and were always on the run. The one home they have they lose because erasers forced them to leave because they find out where Max and her flock are living. They travel from place to place because they have no real home. Fang is the second oldest and is also the strongest. Iggy is one of the more unique characters because he is blind. He relies on the flock to tell him where to go. Nudge is the ten year old who wants to find her parents really badly. The Gasman and Angel are twins and also the youngest ones. These characters are very different from normal children
The most exciting part is when the Erasers make a clone of Max and they capture the real Max and replace her with the clone. Then Max has break out of where she is being held captive. It affects the reader because it is hard to put down. The short chapters make it hard to put down and it is always suspenseful. This book is recommend for anyone who likes fantasy, action, and suspenseful books. Overall this is a great book for middle school through high school students.

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