Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

May 13, 2011
By elephant0401 BRONZE, St. Louis, Mississippi
elephant0401 BRONZE, St. Louis, Mississippi
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Have you ever thought about how you would feel and what you would do if your future was planned out by strangers? What if you had to live this certain life style to keep the ones you love alive? These are just some of the questions Katniss had to think about and conflicts she had to face everyday in this thrilling story.

I read the first book in the Hunger Games series and absolutely loved it so I decided to read Catching Fire. I loved this book even more. It continues on right from where the first book ended, but it has so much more suspension and twists that you never want the book to end. There is not a single boring part anywhere in the story. The author uses a writing style that keeps the book upbeat and moving. She also uses many different writing methods, such as foreshadowing, to add to the suspension of the plot.

What makes the plot of this story more interesting is that its setting is in a futuristic United States. It makes you think that maybe someday our country may come to times so miserable that people are killing each other for food and that there are always people starving while the rich are receiving more than enough food. Let’s just hope that Suzanne Collins is not right when it comes to predicting the future of our country.

If you like books that are suspenseful, adventurous, and have many surprises then I recommend that you read Catching Fire and the whole Hunger Games series.

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