Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

May 12, 2011
By lindseyquinonez BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
lindseyquinonez BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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Have you ever wondered how you would die? How about what it would be like to relive your last day? Well, I have. Which is why I loved Lauren’s novel so much. It may be a long read, but definitely worth it. There are plenty of eye opening details and moments that relate to our everyday lives, which makes connecting to this book easier than ever.

Sam Kingston is the star of the novel. She’s gorgeous, popular, and has the hottest boyfriend. Every high school has one, and she’s it. Sam starts out her day with her normal routine. Which includes making fun of the people not good enough for her, saying what she wants, and going to a party that should be her last. Usually once you die, you die. Your dead. Your gone, but not for Sam. She gets lucky and wakes up to her last day. Seven times in fact. During these seven days Sam finds everything she’s been in danger of losing, and the mystery revolving her death. This novel has a fabulous twist, that I guarantee you’ll love once you read!

Before I Fall has to be the most amazing novel I’ve ever read. I could read it over, and over again! I can’t get enough of Lauren’s magnificent structure of writing. I love to read a good book that has meaning to it, that thing that makes you think and really touches the heart. I also love that everything that is written in this novel puts a picture in your head. Whether she’s vividly describing something for you or gives you the little details that let you paint the picture for yourself. Its like your watching a movie, and not really reading a book! How awesome is that?

Finding this novel was a complete accident. I was online looking for a different book to read, actually, when I saw a video of the book. I watched it and was already on my way to Borders! Good thing too, because it’s my favorite novel ever and I recommend it to everyone and anyone. It really gets you thinking about life, and where you stand. In a way, it teaches you to love what you have because you never know when it will be gone. If you can tie all that into one amazing story, then you’ve already got me hooked.

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