The Boy Who Saved Baseball

April 28, 2011
By BrendanS.32 BRONZE, Mineral Wells, West Virginia
BrendanS.32 BRONZE, Mineral Wells, West Virginia
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,The Boy Who Saved Baseball
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Have you ever wanted to become a professional baseball player? How about becoming an all-time great? In the action packed novel The Boy Who Saved Baseball , the secret to being a star is revealed.
,In the small town of Dillontown the local baseball field is in jeopardy of being sold. A man named Doc has the towns baseball future in his hands. If he sells the children of Dillontown will never play baseball again. That is until Tom Ghallagher steps in. He makes a deal with Doc which will have the less than skilled Dillontown baseball team play the powerhouse all-star squad. The mayor hired the retired great Cruz de la Cruz to coach the team. They worked and worked till game day. The underdog squad of Dillontown persevered and came out on top. Stories of the team were told for ages by those whom were at the game. The children of Dillontown now can play baseball for years to come.This is a great book if you are interested in the game or just getting started. A great story for the family.

The author's comments:
,it just goes to show that even good things can happen in the darkest days.,

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