Response To "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson by Spencer Poole

May 3, 2011
By Spencer55 BRONZE, Snellville, Georgia
Spencer55 BRONZE, Snellville, Georgia
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One man lost on a mountain

The same man now with a mission

Three cups of tea

One bridge

A semi-sweet nice guy

Lots of money

49 schools

A promise


A welcoming village

Girl of mans dreams + Kids


(Two) Going home

The First Cup: Mix together one man lost on a mountain, a welcoming village, one cup of tea, caring, and a promise. ~ In the book, the author, Greg Mortenson is climbing on K2, one of the tallest mountains in Asia, and gets off track and loses his way. He eventually stumbles his way into a small village. This village warmly, welcomes Greg into the village and the chief and he drink a cup of tea. According to their tradition, the first cup is as an honored guest, the second cup is as a friend, and the third is as family. While he was there, he saw what they called their “school”. This school is a cracked, broken up concrete pad. They don’t have a school building, and their teacher can only make it three times a week. The rest of this time the kids have to organize themselves and do work the teacher left behind. That day Greg made a promise to this village and chief, he was going to build them a real school.

The Second Cup: Whisk together the same man now with a mission, determination, half of the lots of money, (1) going home, (1) bridge, (1) cup of tea, and (1) school. ~ Greg Mortenson is now on a mission, a mission to give this village a real school. With his determination he pulls together the amount of money needed to build the school and he goes back to the village. But, he will soon realize there is something he overlooked that he will have to deal with before he builds the school. A bridge is needed so they can get the supplies for the school across and to allow the teachers to get there. He buys the materials to build the bridge and after lots of barriers he is finally able to get the bridge built. Before he leaves he has a cup of tea with the chief and leaves for home to raise more money to build the school. He is now considered a friend within the village.

The Third Cup: Mix together everything in a large bowl and add semi-sweet rich guy, other half of lots of money, (48) schools, the girl of his dreams + kids, (1) cup of tea, (1) going home to the bowl. Mix well. ~ At home Greg searches relentlessly to raise money; he gave speeches and sent out emails to rich and famous people. He eventually gets an email from a rich mountain climber who gives him a lot of money. Before he leaves, he meets the girls of his dreams and days later they get married. Pregnant with their first child he leaves for the village and eventually builds the school. He gets back to his home right before their first child is born. About a year later, their second child is born. A couple years later the whole family goes to Afghanistan and Greg starts an organization for building schools and helping people in Afghanistan. After this organization is started more and more schools were being built. Today a total of about 49 schools have been built by Greg Mortenson and his organization.

Notes: Bake at 120? in a heart shaped cake pan. Let it cool for about 10 minutes. The end result should serve thousands of Afghan girls and boys. Another result should make compassion and the message that one man can make a difference because with any amount of determination you can do anything you want.

* Please enjoy – to get the whole story read the book Three cups of Tea by: Greg Mortenson

The author's comments:
The novel Three Cups of Tea. I loved this book so I responded to it.

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