Parvana's Journey by Deborah Ellis

May 2, 2011
By visser15 BRONZE, Wilton, New York
visser15 BRONZE, Wilton, New York
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Parvana’s Journey by Deborah Ellis was a fascinating novel. The genre of this novel is social issues. Also, the copyright date is 2002. Many aspects of this novel help make it such an intriguing novel for middle school students.

The novel Parvana’s Journey is a great book to read. In fact, I could highly recommend it to middle school students. There are numerous reasons why I would do so. For example, the book helps young teens to understand the problems going on in our world; such as hunger, poverty and war. It gets this message across in an interesting way that appeals to teenage readers. Other parts contribute to the appeal of this novel. Such as the emotional connection the reader will share with the characters featured in this book. These reasons as well as others create the great novel that Parvana’s Journey is.

Parvana’s Journey is a very touching book. The problems in this novel mainly revolve around the war. Horrible consequences result from this war in Afghanistan. For example, innocent peoples’ homes were being bombed (14), often leaving many homeless. Also, the main characters in this novel find themselves fleeing from bombs (146). This creates excitement within the novel. Parvana and her new family face tough decisions and a hard life which deeply draws the reader in. Also, the reader will connect with the issues the characters face, such as extreme hunger, thirst (78), and sickness (94). Every pain the character feels; the reader will feel. That is one reason Parvana’s Journey is such a page turner. Not only does this book provide a great story to read, but it is also informative. For example, it teaches students how lucky we are in general. Another example is the fact that we are able to go to school. This is a privilege Leila, a young orphan, never experienced. Besides this, it makes it known how blessed we are to live in clean houses with running water. Health is another thing we take for granted that many people in this novel lack (94). The lessons this book teaches you are very valuable. As you can see, Parvana’s Journey is an exciting yet informative book.

Parvana’s Journey teaches the reader many lessons. That is why it is such great book. Also, the captivating plot line adds to this effect. In conclusion, Parvana’s Journey is an excellent book that I highly recommend.

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