Falcondance by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

May 1, 2011
By Wonderless.Worries BRONZE, 25, West Virginia
Wonderless.Worries BRONZE, 25, West Virginia
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Introduction: I personally enjoy this book, it’s the third volume of the Kiesha’ra, but you have to read the first and second volumes or none of it will make any sense. I do love this book, it’s excellent. It’s a about a teen whose unable to control his powers and gets sent away from home, that’s all I’ll say the rest will give it away.
Description and summary of main points: This book by the very talented author, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, is about a shape shifting teenage flacon boy named Nicias Silvermead, whose flacon magic awakens. Unable to control the dangerous magic, his mother, Kel Slivermead, and Father Sebastian Slivermead, send him to Ahnmik the falcon homeland to either learn to control his powers or have them painfully bound by his grandmother, Araceli. While there he falls in love with one of his grandmother’s Mercy body guards and soldiers, he wanders off and finds a tower with those in Ecl, flacons or half-breeds whose flacon magics have over taken them and left them trapped in a dream, or “void”. While their he meets a woman named, Dairen whose still in her right mind, he comes and goes, visiting Dairen for several days, during those days Dairen shows Nicias the truth about Araceli, and teaches him to ride Ecl or “the void”, allowing him to create illusions and control his real flacon magic. After learning how to do that he confronts his grandmother, and then escapes with Dairen and her daughter Hai, who is a half-breed to the Wyvern’s Court.
Evaluation: This wonderful book has a very clear plot outline, and constantly pulls you in and keeps you on the edge at all times. I couldn’t sit it down, I loved this book, although it’s short, but I still love it.
Conclusion: In the end this book is a must read, hands down, the plot is thrilling. I don’t think you’d want to stop reading it after you picked it up. It follows a clearly defined plot, all good books should. Atwater-Rhodes creates spellbinding writing like in all her books. Her characters are well created, having quirks and fears that make us fall in love with them. It’s the perfect fantasy/thriller book for anyone who likes Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Thriller books.
Final Review: My final review is this: This book by Atwater-Rhodes is the best in her series, her characters like Nicias and Dairen, are so well drawn you feel like there real people. It’s a suspenseful ride of ups and downs, and journey to a far away land Atwater-Rhodes creates for her readers. The plot is great I love it, the way she crafts a beautiful art, going a good many lengths to describe a certain scene of great importance. This book is a must read! I loved it so much, I never put it down unless I absolutely had too! If you don’t read this book after reading the review, then I didn’t do a good enough job with the review.

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