World Hunger

April 14, 2011
By Anonymous

The book I read for book review #5 was called World Hunger. The book had several authors from Julie Marding to the U.N. Chronicle. The genre of this book is global issues. The editor of this book is Susan c. Hunnicutt. The copyright is 2007. The publisher of the book is Greenhaven press.

I would not recommend this book. I would not recommend this book because I felt that it was a dry read. Also, it was a pretty boring book. To me this was a pretty slow read. It was a slow read because it listed fact after fact after fact. I think that most kids would not like this book. Most kids would not like this book because it had no plot in it. It was also a very technical book. I would prefer to read a book with more of a plot to it.

To me this was a dry, dull read. This book basically stated facts all the time. I found the book to be slow because it wasn’t very enjoyable. I feel that if the book wasn’t as technical, it would’ve went faster and would make it more enjoyable. I feel that if the book had a plot it would’ve also made the book more enjoyable.

This book would be good for someone who is studying world hunger. It would also be good if you were writing an essay on world hunger. This book would help you with an essay because in order to write an essay you need accurate information. If you were also looking for ways to end world hunger this would be a good book to go to.

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