Flawless by Sara Shepard

April 21, 2011
Recently, I finished the book Flawless by Sara Shepard. Flawless is part of the Pretty Little Liars series. It is a best-selling series as well. This book is suspenseful as well as mysterious. Flawless is the continuation of the first book called Pretty Little Liars. Therefore, this book is the second boom of this series. A major theme of this book is honesty because the main characters have to be honest together in order to solve the mystery hence the title.

The main characters of this young adult book are Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, and Hanna Marin. The girls are all in high school and live in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. The series is about finding out who “A” is because “A” send these girls mysterious messages and ruins their lives. “A” also is the killer of their best friend Allison DiLaurentis. She was popular but yet mean and cruel to have as a friend. Lots of people hated her which made it harder for the girls to find out who “A” was. All the girls have secrets with Allison that the others don’t know about. Emily is a shy and the nicest among all her friends but she is afraid to admit to everyone that she is gay. Hanna used to be the fat and chubby girl but she transformed into a skinny and beautiful girl. Though Hanna still has a lot of problems unresolved like her mother and father’s divorce. Aria is considered a little weird and different because of the way she dresses. She is also more independent. She is struggling to keep her father, Byron’s, affair a secret from her mother because she doesn’t want to ruin and separate her family. Spencer is a rich girl who has to live up to the standards of her perfect sister Melissa. She may be perfect from the outside but inside she is boiling with lies. For example, Spencer in the past has taken all of her sisters boyfriends away from her by kissing them. She has also forced herself to take credit for a history assignment her sister wrote when she was in high school. Throughout the book a secret about each character is revealed. A year before Allison went missing, she set fireworks off in Toby’s garage. The fireworks made Jenna, Toby’s step-sister, go blind. Toby knew Allison had set the fireworks off but he confessed that he set the fireworks off thus he was sent to a reformatory school in Maine. Spencer heard Toby tell Allison she will pay for her actions. Therefore, girls suspect Toby as being “A” but you have to read the book in order to find out who “A” is.

I never thought a young adult book would be this intense or serious. Every page is full of suspense, and a little romance in between. I heard that the series was very interesting so I decided to read it because it is buy a best -selling author. My favorite character is Aria because she is more independent which I can relate to. The novel can get confusing because each chapter is always flashing back and forth from one girl to another.

Overall I liked the book and recommend it to anyone in for some suspense! Enjoy!

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Ashlynn said...
Apr. 12, 2016 at 11:59 pm
Btw this A didn't kill ALison. The second A did.
Nana said...
Mar. 24, 2015 at 6:57 am
But do you know why it is called flawless??
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