Flush by Carl Hiaasen

April 15, 2011
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This literary review is based on the novel Flush written by Carl Hiaasen. It has a copyright date of 2005. The genre is global issues.

I would definitely recommend the novel Flush for middle school students. It is a stimulating, motivating, and action packed book that always leaves you wanting to read more. For example, on page 215, the chapter ends with the Underwood family leaving to go to Thunder Beach to see if their plan worked to prove that Mr. Underwood was right about an illegal pollution. This made me want to read more to see the result of their actions. Flush made me feel as if it was a movie that I was a character in. The details in the book were exceptional. Although, while I was reading, I sometimes had to read around a word to figure out what another word meant. I soon figured out what the word meant. This was a little problem but it was easy to overcome. A majority of people would be able to understand the vocabulary. I would also recommend this book because the main event is realistic and captures a reader’s attention. There are many global issues going on in the world today such as pollution, which is a major issue in the book. Kids in middle school can easily relate to the characters because two main characters are in middle school. They two characters have rules that they have to follow, consequences, and drama in their lives. Most kids have the same values and rules as the characters.
In conclusion, I would recommend the book Flush because it is suspenseful and entertaining. It is a perfect book for middle school students to read.

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SunsetShark318 said...
Apr. 27, 2011 at 6:28 pm
Flush is a must-read
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