The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

April 14, 2011
By smile101 SILVER, Piedmont, South Dakota
smile101 SILVER, Piedmont, South Dakota
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The Book Thief was written by Markus Zusak. Markus Zusak takes you back to the time the mighty Hitler was trying to overtake them world. This book shows the life of a little girl during that time, which just wanted to fulfill her gift of reading. Zusak uses his great talent to keep you wanting more. He uses writing styles never seen before. Once you pick up The Book Thief Markus Zusak will keep your nose in the book awaiting the answers of thievery and secrets. In the following text you will experience a little about Markus Zusak’s writing styles, such as the use of color, dichotomy, and the introduction of the many characters.

The author, Mr. Zusak uses different ways to introduce the character of the book. These different ways make the story much more interesting. The importance of the characters is sometimes shown by the way they are introduced. The author used the traditional way to introduce some of the characters, within the text it said, “‘Max,’ it whispered, ’Max wake up!’ “(Zusak,139). This character is not as important right now in the text of the book. The author then used the power of the asterisk symbol, “* The Pfaffelhervers… * Gentle Helena Schmit…” (Zusak, 93). Markus Zusak uses the different introductory statements to keep the reader interested.

Colors are used in everyday life. They can also be used in powerful ways, to describe things. Colors create a vivid picture but it doesn’t have to come across as harsh. Emotion as well as decpription was used by colors. The different colors provide a different message, some colors are very powerful, and some are mellower. When the author used color to describe he sometimes did it within a conversation line. Rudy’s father had said, “…you’ve got beautiful blonde hair and big blue eyes…” (Zusak, 61). Mr. Steiner didn’t approve of Rudy painting himself black. Emotions are also felt through color. “Orange and red ember looked like rejected candy.”(Zusak, 114). Liesel watched the books burn to the ground until they were just little hot glowing embers of orange and red. Mr. Zusak’s use of color kept the voice of the book alive.

Mr. Markus Zusak used the freedom of dichotomy very well. Dichotomy kept things more interesting with a different meaning. More books should be written using this technique. Liesel is one example of fantastic dichotomy. “…she didn’t want him thinking that he had a compulsive criminal on his hands. So she ate.”(Zusak, 153). Liesel knew stealing was bad, but she was literally starving. It was her safe haven. They author also used different types of dichotomy such as, “The colder he became, the more he melted.”(Zusak, 316). Max’s life was fading way as he became colder and colder living in the basement. Markus Zusak’s techniques have kept the book interesting all the way through the book.

The Book Thief was a good book that kept the reader wanting more. The Author, Markus Zusak, used his style of writing to interest young adult. Markus has showed the reader more styles and techniques such as the use of, introducing characters in different ways, using color, and the wonderful dichotomy. Markus Zusak is by far a wonderful attention getter, and writer. I would recommend this book to all!

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