The Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy

April 14, 2011
By diemeb15 BRONZE, Gansevoort, New York
diemeb15 BRONZE, Gansevoort, New York
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The book I reviewed was The Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy. The genre is global issues. The copyright date is 2006.

I recommend this book to all eight graders because it is a good book because it really describes
how hard it was for Jewish people during WWII.

This was an amazing story! Everything surrounding the Holocaust and WWII is incredible in
the fact that everybody who survived it has a story to tell. Also it tells that many people makes mistakes and those mistakes are really bad because many people lost there lives because of the careless actions from one person.

Sylvia spent six years of her young childhood (age four to ten) in the ghetto. She did not understand the things she saw or heard around her. During this she has a friend named Hava that has a brother with cancer and is dieing. He dies and when he does Hava is over come with sadness and goes missing. It was only through the craftiness of her father that she was able to survive, especially as all children were systematically taken from the ghetto and taken to concentration camps where they were killed. It was hard to get food because you where arranged a weekly amount for you and your family. There family is being sent to a concentration camp and Sylvia is having bad dreams about how she is on a boat in a storm and she is the only one who can save everyone on it but cant because she has to steer the boat to safety but is to week and cant steer so in her sleep she says “I’m sorry its my fault” repeatedly. Written in free verse, Yellow Star was a quick read. Two hundred seventy thousand people lived in the Lodz Ghetto. In 1945, the war ended. The Germans surrendered and the ghetto was liberated. Out of more than a quarter of a million people, only about 800 walked out of the ghetto. Of those who survived, only twelve were children. She was one of the twelve.

As you can see that is why I would recommend this book. It really showed what it what it was like for Jewish people during WWII. It also shows how people can make mistakes and are vary bad.

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