At the Sound of the Beep by Marilyn Sachs

April 14, 2011
The book I read for Book Review 5 was At the Sound of the Beep. The author is Marilyn Sachs. Its copy right date is 1990 and its genre is mystery/ Global Issues.

There are reasons why I would and would not recommend At the Sound of the Beep to middle school students. I would recommend it to middle school boys who enjoy reading mysteries. I would not recommend this book to any girls or boys that do not enjoy reading mysteries. That is who I would recommend At the Sound of the Beep to.

There are various reasons why I recommend this book to boys that enjoy reading mysteries. The main reason is because the story is suspenseful and keeps you on edge. It’s about a two twins that run away from home after finding out that their parents are getting a divorce. The twins live with homeless people in Golden Gate Park. They soon find out there is a killer in the park. Throughout the book the twins cross paths with the killer and get drawn into his world. I feel boys and girls that don’t like mysteries won’t like this book because it is hard to follow. Also because most of the characters are men and because it can be very slow in some parts. In conclusion, I recommend At the Sound of the Beep to boys who enjoy mysteries.

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