Shadow of the Wall by Christa Liard

April 14, 2011
By vbp6767 BRONZE, Saratoga Springs, New York
vbp6767 BRONZE, Saratoga Springs, New York
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Shadow of the Wall
This review is a review of Shadow of the Wall by Christa Liard. The copy right date is 1989 and the genre is global issues.
This book would be great for teenagers for several different reasons. One reason I would recommend Shadow of the Wall to other teenage students is because it is a realistic and depressing story about the horrific Nazi Holocaust. Another reason I would recommend this story to teens is because it is about history and the awful events that occurred years ago during World War II. Also I would recommend this book to teenagers because it is a very fascinating read for young adult readers and for readers who are interested in learning more about the Holocaust. Overall, I would recommend this book to other students.
The book Shadow of the Wall is about a boy named Misha who lives in a “ghetto” in Poland. Misha is 13 and 14 mainly throughout the story (10). The ghetto is a place were all of the people who had Jewish beliefs were put in. The ghetto was guarded by a bordering fence and was very poor and run down. Misha has to risk his own life every day to help feed and save his family (19).Misha has two sisters. Mishas father died a few years earlier. Misha had to leave his mom when she became ill and he had to go off and live in an orphanage (20).The orphanage was located in the Warsaw ghetto (11).Since Mishas father is dead and his mother is ill, Misha has many responsibility’s. The story also shows The Nazi brutality that went on in the Warsaw ghetto. If Misha was ever caught trying to escape the ghetto to find food or do any other acts that were considered illegal, he would immediately be gunned down by German soldiers.
In conclusion Shadow of the Wall is a very harsh, but good story and I would recommend it to a fellow middle or high school student.

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