Robert Ludlum's the Arctic Event by James cobb

April 13, 2011
Robert Ludlum’s the Arctic Event

For an English language arts class project I read Robert Ludlum’s the Arctic

Event. Robert Ludlum’s the Arctic Event’s genre is global issues it is also part of the

Robert Ludlum’s series the actual book is written by James Cobb and the copyright date

is 2007.

This was my favorite book I have read in a while and I would recommend this

book to a middle school student who like political and war related cliff hangers. I would

recommend this book because I loved it and because the plot is very interesting. In the

beginning of the book’ there are three scientists who are just reaching the top of a

mountain with no name in the middle of the Canadian Arctic. When the scientists are at

the top they see a strange object in the snow far away they then realize it’s a plane and

that is were the story begins. The real twist and the whole main idea of the book is that

the plane is a Russian TU-4 heavy bomber called Mishe 124, which fifty years ago had

the mission of dropping two metric tons of lethal anthrax on America. Unfortunately the

anthrax is still usable so someone has to dispose of it and that person is Lieutenant

Colonel Jonathan Smith. Jonathan is then required to make a team to reach the plane and

(29, 30). The team consists of two women, Randi Russle who is a spy for the CIA and

already knows the team’s leader Jonathan (44, 45). The other women, is Valentine

Metrace a professor of history (37, 38). The fourth and final member of the team is Major

Gregori Smyslon who was required to be on the team by Russia for political reasons, but

his true mission is to dispose of the evidence in the plane and hide any darker secrets and

there are darker secrets. (51, 52). The only thing between Jonathans Team and the plane

besides the savage climate of the Canadian Arctic is Auton Kretek who is an arms dealer

and for him the two metric tons of anthrax is treasure and will stop at nothing to get it

(67). All in all the plot is very suspenseful and keeps you on edge the whole time.

I recommend this book because of the action and suspense which I think a book

needs for me to like it and I’m sure if your like me you will enjoy this book to. I think

this book is a good choice for a middle school student to read for school or fun because I

liked it so much and I think other people will to.

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