Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

April 12, 2011
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Pride and Prejudice is not just a good read, it also gives insight into the everyday lives of the middle and upper classes of Britains regency time. It's a When I'm reading Pride and Prejudice it's like I'm actually in the Bennets living room. The way Jane Austen describes the characters is thrilling. You can see all their faces and outfits clearly in your mind. You barley have to imagine anything because her descriptions are immaculate. I've never been to England, nor 200 years in the future but after reading this I don't need a plane ticket or time machine. This story is truly one of a kind. It stands up to it's title as the greatest love story of all time. No modern day romances can compare.

The main reason I chose this book is because I love the movie and I'd never actually read Austen before, I know it's a crime. In the movie I love the scenery and the characters. Everything about their world is beautiful. The clothes, the hair, the manners, it's all like some wonderful dream. When you read Pride and Prejudice you can feel the emotions Jane Austen is describing. You can see Lizzy and Darcy falling in love, it's like you're in their world watching from the side of the room. I really loved the descriptions in this novel. The characters develop over time and you're able to really get to know them really well.

Reading Pride and Prejudice is a challenged especially if you've never watched movies about the Regency era. I am a little familiar with the Regency language, but is it a little harder to read it than hear it in a movie. The way they spoke was amazing. Todays manners are so relaxed to the uptight fancy language the Bennets and Bingleys and Darcys use. One of my favorite things about Pride and Prejudice was the way they spoke and the narration. It's hard to think that a girl only a few years older than myself would have such grace and elegance.

If I had to choose a genre for Pride and Prejudice I would say romance. Others might say that it is historical fiction but I believe sense the story was published in 1813 that is was truly meant to be a romance novel. It would fit this category because the main plot to the book is people finding love and getting over the expectations of that time to marry for money, even though Jane and Elizabeth did end up marrying very wealthy men. Pride and Prejudice shows many relationships from the beginning sparks and growing to true love. Pride and Prejudice is truly the greatest romance novel ever written and no others could compare.

I would definitely suggest this book to anyone over ten years old. It is funny, romantic, and brilliantly written. If you don't enjoy history or reading about history then this wouldn't be a good read. But if you love surprise, etiquette, and romance then I would unquestionably recommend this story!

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