Maximum Ride- The Angel Experiment by James Patterson This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

April 14, 2011
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Maximum Ride – The Angel Experiment is a novel stuffed with mysteries, adventure and differences. James Patterson is the author of this novel. The genre is global issues. The copyright date is 2005.
Sadness, joy, relief, anxiety and fear are a few of the many emotions that will be experienced while reading Maximum Ride – The Angel Experiment. If possible, I would not only recommend this book to all middle school students, but make it into a requirement for all people middle school, high school, and college age. This book is inspirational and truly life changing. Also, as I became increasingly sucked into the book, I began to connect with the main characters. This book made me compare my life, at times, to the events taking place in the book. For example, when Max went out of her way to help out a girl in need, and even gets hurt while doing so, I thought about how I probably would have taken the same action. To conclude, Maximum Ride – The Angel Experiment is a book that I would recommend to all middle school students for the ability of the book to relate to real life in different ways.
There are many explanations as to why I would recommend this book to other middle school students. To start, the main character, Max, somewhat reminds me of myself, therefore helping me to connect with the book. Max reminds me of myself mainly because she always puts others first, and that is how I am. Her family and she do not, nor have they ever, had the life of normal humans. They were brought up in a laboratory. Once managing to escape, they relied on each other to learn from. Yet they were free, they had to travel long distances and overcome difficult challenges in order to stay together. Events like this that took place throughout the book kept me hooked into the story. In conclusion, I would recommend this book to middle school students for the suspenseful events that one, innocent family must accomplish.
In summary, Maximum Ride – The Angel Experiment, written by James Patterson is not only a book, but an inspiration. I would recommend this book to all middle school students for the suspense, adventure and the experience.

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