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March 30, 2011
By , South Portland, ME
The book I am reviewing is called Lucky T by Kate Brian. The overall theme of the book is determination and courage. This girl is giving up her summer to go to India and search for a t-shirt that means the world to her. Along the way there are many lessons learned and in the end she ends up with more then she ever expected or intended on getting.

When parents get divorced or separated many things or objects start to have more meaning to them. When Carrie the main character in the book loses her t-shirt it isn’t just any ordinary shirt. Her father was on a trip and came back with it for her and to Carrie it was the luckiest thing that she had ever had. But not just luck that made Carrie love it, it was the fact that she always felt like she had a piece of her dad with her whenever she wasn’t with him. Which was most of the time since he was always traveling, the shirt brought back good memories of them together before the divorce and everything else that happened.

Friendship is a contributing factor in this book. When Carrie and her boyfriend break up, like any other girl would be, she is heart broken. She expected to have her best friend Piper right by her side consoling her and telling her such a jerk he is and how he will regret his decision. But instead Piper is with him and a bunch of other people and is not the most sympathetic person to Carrie. Being near the end of the year Carrie shuns out the one person that has gotten her through the most in life and this is killing them both. After Carrie is in India and Piper finds out she decided to write her a letter expressing how sorry she is and this really shows Carrie that she took it to far and that she shouldn’t just throw such a good friendship out the window. So it teaches people a life lesson that if you are truly good friends to never let some boy come between you.

I don’t think the book falls into one specific genre. There is romance, drama, and action in this book. Romance occurs when Carrie meets this fabulous guy in India, showing her that her and her boyfriend breaking up happened for a reason. Drama is a big thing that is constant through out the book, her and Piper having the biggest fight and the tension between Carrie and Doreen while on the trip. Action comes in when Carrie is chasing violently after the girl with her t-shirt and has togo through many people and stands before ending up not getting it.

Overall I really did enjoy this book because most likely people could relate to it but not exactly the whole flying to India part but everything else that is represented. The author does a great job describing the setting and really puts a visual in your head of what she is experiencing and where exactly she is. At some parts the book is predictable but for the most part it keeps you on your toes and you always want things to work out a certain way but it usually goes the opposite which keeps you reading. Getting to know Carrie and everything she goes through I really do start to feel bad for her as if she were a real person. Like when she realized that she feels separated from her dad, I really did get emotional just picturing if that was me and my dad.

Though this book is fictional the author does a fabulous job at making it seem as though you know the characters which makes you connect with the book. To me when i get that attached I know it is a good book and I certainly recommend it to anyone.

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