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March 28, 2011
By Caleb Lewis BRONZE, South Portland, Maine
Caleb Lewis BRONZE, South Portland, Maine
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Book Review

I read a book called Gentlemen. It's about these four teenagers whose names are Micheal, Bones, Tommy, and Mixer. Tommy goes missing later on in the book and then they all try to find him. The clues all point in one direction too. Their teacher, Mr. Habberman. He talks about murdering people and getting away with it in class. He also talks about "crime and punishment". This makes Mixer, Bones and Micheal very suspicious because why would he talk this way in class? Like right in the middle of nowhere. It's just very very odd. While Micheal and Mixer are thinking about how to find Tommy, Bones thinks of a great idea. Why not pay him a little visit? So that's what the three of them did. They payed him a little visit at his house in the middle of nowhere. They all asked why he did it and he refused that he had anything to do with it. Micheal and Mixer wasn't going to hurt him but Bones had a different idea. He hit him with a fish club over and over. But by the end, when Mr. Habberman was unconcious and in a coma, they realized that he really didn't do it. He was telling the truth.

The next couple of days, they were all very nervous. They new they would get caught, but they just didn't know when. It was just a matter of time when they were all behind bars. Two days later, after the assault, one of the kids at the high school said that the police had found Mr. Habberman unconcious and bloody. They were very nervous now that the police had caught on. Almost a week later, Mr. Throckmorton, the principle had called them down to the office. They thought they were toast when they saw him in the hall coming down to get them. But he said something totally different, something they did not expect him to say. He said "we found Tommy. He was up north at a McDonalds".

Two days later after they found Tommy, they were all called down to the office again but for a different reason. It was because of Mr. Habberman. They have caught on, they found all their finger prints on the front door where they had come in to his house. The only place that they did not wipe down. Bones got 10 years in jail and for an assessory to commit a crime, Mixer and Micheal each got a few years. Mr. Habberman wrote to Micheal while he was in jail saying he knows why he did it and said he forgives him. He also sent him a whole carton of ciggerettes as well.

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