after school nightmare by mizushiro setona

April 9, 2011
this is by far my favorite manga. it is a beautifuly drawn and writin its an allegory and genderbender. the main character mashiro Ichigo is really cool and cute to all the girls. but he isn't really a he is a boy on top and girl on the bottom. and when he expriences he's first period he is told to graduate his school he needs to pass a class after school in dream world and find a key. his classmates are also in the nightmare serching for the same thing. I won't spoil the story but its intresting I had cryed at the ending but i laghed so much durring the story. U will relate yourself to the story cuase we all have memories and problems we keep bottled up inside. And the relationships was intense and romantic one with one of the both sex which you may think ewww but its not its romantic not a smut. just the new to romance type relationship read it love it and reread it when your down on new manga

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