The Circle Series by Ted Dekker

April 6, 2011
By JoeLicc BRONZE, Auburn, New York
JoeLicc BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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The Circle series, by Ted Dekker, is an controversial and shocking look at the way the human race lives our lives. It offers an altogether new perspective on the way that we view our everyday practices and thoughts, that we take for granted to the point that they almost become a cliché. The Circle is a trilogy centered around a seemingly normal man, named Thomas hunter. Thomas is a fairly average man, with a black belt in karate, and a past that is catching up to him.
The trilogy opens on a fairly average day, where Thomas is walking home after a day of work, and two men with guns suddenly begin chasing after him, and shooting at him. In an attempt to escape the two followers, Thomas injures himself and blacks out, only to find himself awakening into a fantastical world, where he is thrown into a war between good and evil so vital that he may find himself pivotal to the very existence of both worlds he resides in.
Thomas, after a harrowing experience in the other world, falls unconscious again, and awakes to find himself back in his home world, with very serious problems approaching; not only does he play an important part in preventing a war in his dream world, which he finds to be not quite past or future, he also faces the prospect of saving the human race from a deadly engineered virus, that threatens the entire earth, unless a madman’s demands are met.
I would readily suggest this series to anyone looking for an amazing read, packed with just enough action to be exciting, just enough material to make you think, and just enough philosophy to get you to doubt your previous ways of life. The Circle series blurs the line between blind belief and true faith, and proves that seeing is not always believing.

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