My Point … And I Do Have One by Ellen DeGeneres MAG

April 19, 2011
By Christen Stearns BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
Christen Stearns BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
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In Ellen DeGeneres' book My Point … And I Do Have One, she speaks with truth. And she does have a point. She alternates between what is actually happening in her life and what she feels and imagines and tells outlandish stories about. DeGeneres shows off her talent as a comedian by including funny anecdotes throughout the book. I found it refreshing that she didn't just write about her rise to fame. She spoke of real life and real people.

I feel a connection with ­DeGeneres. She is not feminine and delicate, and neither am I. She has few good memories of her childhood, and this is a sad fact that we share. I suppose I expected a comedian's book to be funny, but I enjoyed it because it was not just funny but addressed real-world issues as well as her inner feelings.

This is an entertaining, interesting, and quirky autobiography. I think aspiring comedians would benefit a lot from reading it, since DeGeneres talks about her time on stage. I also think that people struggling with image issues will find it helpful, since some chapters are very uplifting and she gives some great advice.

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