Marked by P.C. + Kristin Cast

April 1, 2011
By Anonymous

I recently read this book called Marked. I’m that girl who’s picky about what type of books I enjoy reading. I rarely read any vampire books; I haven’t even read the Twilight series. There is a series to the book Marked so she also told me she has those for me to read if I ended up liking the beginning of the series. I began reading the book and literally couldn’t put it down; I took it to school and left it in my backpack for whenever I had to time to read I would.

This book is filled with much detail. A teenager in High school already trying to fit in has been marked, which means she goes to where all vampire goes for training and learning. It’s like a regular school but the hours are switched around and they learn many other different things. Zoey, the main character was that one person who it happened to. This happens to other high school students but she never thought in a million years it would be her. With her nagging mom who doesn’t listen to her and her misunderstanding father she goes to the house of night

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