A Piece Of Cake by Cupcake Brown

March 25, 2011
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“A piece of cake” by Cupcake Brown is a very interesting and intense book. This book will really make you think about what young girls go through on a daily bases. Cupcake Brown is an amazing character in this book and she goes through so many life changing events. You just want to sit back in peace and quit and feel the intensity of this book.

As I was reading this book I felt as if I was actually with Cupcake Brown and going through all the events that she went through. This was a powerful book and very heart breaking book I cried at some points because I have been threw some of the same events as Cupcake Brown. She herself is a strong women and does not let anyone bring her down she rose above all her problems all her drug use an all the abuse that she suffered as when she was a child. Cupcake Brown should be a spokesperson for inner-city kids and not just those kids, kids around the world that have suffered through the same things as she has.
It feels good to know that there’s someone that has gone there the same things as you and they can relate to your story. It gives you a little bit of hope inside that you will make it. That no one will keep you down, that no one will influence what you want to be when you grow up. Cupcake Brown grew up to be an author of a best seller and that just shows young girl that whatever traumatic events that took place in their life. They don’t have to let that hold them down they can fight threw it and will make it in life to whatever they want to be.
I recommend this book to young girls every were this book will make you feel something that you never felt before. A joy or happiness and you may feel sadness but at the end of the book you will want more. Cupcake Brown is a wonderful role model for kids she gives us hope, comfort, and exception. I felt more excepted after I read this book its giving me more self-confidents and made me understand the true meaning of life so please go and read this book!

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