Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

March 16, 2011
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The thrilling book of Mockingjay begins where it suspensefully ended in Catching Fire with Katniss being saved from the cruel Quarter Quell by the mysterious rebels known as District 13. Here, a huge mix of refuges of 12’s and 13’s own rebels gather in secrecy, unknown by the rest of Panem, including the widely feared Capitol. Although the Capitol has captured Peeta and Katniss is still mourning the death of the many lost in the Capitol’s bombing of District Twelve, Katniss agrees to become something known as the “Mockingjay.” The Mockingjay would basically be the face of the rebellion; that someone that everybody would respect and do almost anything she willed.
After agreeing to take part in the rebellion as the Mockingjay. Katniss was sent out to film many short clips to promote the rebellion throughout the many districts and even the Capitol. With the successful hacking Boggs and many mini- wars throughout many districts, District 13 was able rescue hijacked Peeta from the harsh Capitol and gain control over all the districts. Finally, they are able to begin an assault on their main enemy- the Capitol.
The eligible District 13 soldiers were separated into many different squads. Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Boggs, and two other District 13 soldiers were induced into a squad called the Star Squad. Their mission wasn’t to actually fight in combat, to their dismay. Their role was film clips of fake combat in order to keep the support in the ever-growing rebellion. Resentfully, they agreed.

One day, the soldiers of the Star Squad were lead to a “safe, pod free neighborhood” to shoot some more footage. When the filming goes wrong and the crew of the Star Squad end up in the middle of a pod massacre, Katniss is forced to become the leader. Quickly, the squad moves further and further into the Capitol, finding in empty apartment building, traveling in the dangerous underground passageways, and even disguising themselves with Capitol citizens. Eventually, Katniss finds herself alone, making her way to the Snow’s Mansion itself. Just as she was approaching a supposed shelter for the Capitol children when parachutes came fluttering from a Capitol plane in the sky. The children grab for the packages, expecting food and warmth. Suddenly, the packages blow up, and many of 13’s trained doctors run into the shelter, including Katniss’ dear sister Prim. Unexpectedly, the bomb parachutes go off again, finishing off not only the survivors of the first blow, but also Prim and the other medics. Katniss is knocked out by the blow and is out for days.
When Katniss finally wakes up, she is inside Snow’s Mansion. She is told that the war is over, and Snow has been captured and is currently awaiting his execution. Since Katniss has been given the honors to preform the murder of the man she has hated her entire life, she wants to visit Snow prior to the execution. While doing so, Snow tells her that it wasn’t the Capitol that sacrificed the children, but actually District 13 itself. Apparently, they wanted to capture the tired hearts of the rebels by framing Snow for the cruel massacre to encourage them to keep pushing for justice. Remembering a conversation she had with Snow years before, she believes him.
At the execution, Katniss has decided whom to believe. It was either District 13’s own President Coin, the one who has demanded Katniss of her services as the Mockingjay, or President Snow, the one she has despised since the day he sent her to the Hunger Games. When Katniss stepped up onto the platform that day with her signature bow and arrow, she pointed it directly at Snow. Just as she was about to release the arrow and take his life, she shifted her aim at Coin. Katniss then released the arrow, killing Coin and sending a shock through the Capitol.
There was a huge riot afterwards. In the end, Snow was killed too by the massive, angry crowd. Both Katniss and Peeta were sent back to their home district, District 12. In the epilogue, it ends up Katniss and Peeta get married, and the Hunger Games no longer exist.

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