Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

March 16, 2011
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief
Percy Jackson, a 12 year old from New York appears to be a normal average teen to a reader at the beginning of the book. But this idea is soon abandoned when we learn that he is in fact at teen that possesses some sort of mythical power. He soon finds out his is half human and his father who was supposedly long lost at sea is actually a God, Poseidon, The god of the sea. He is sent on a quest to look for the God’s lost lighting bolt.

At the beginning of the graphical novel Percy is on a museum field trip with his classmates. Percy is struggling with school and his teacher (an undercover mythical creature) tries to encourage him to study so he does well in school. But this task seems impossible to Percy. He finds that he is dyslexic and ADHD finds schoolwork hard. But surprisingly he is able to read Ancient Greek

Things begin to take a turn when Percy gets into a little fight with a classmate during the fieldtrip and she somehow fall into the water. Percy is blamed for this even though he never touched her. His classmate think that it looked like the water reached out and grabbed her. This confuses Percy more

Percy leaves school for the holidays and goes back to a rundown apartment that he lives in New York along with his mom and his “beer-bellied” stepfather. His mom decides to take a trip down to the lake with her son when suddenly mythical beast that takes her to the underworld attacks her. Percy then learns that he is in fact half human and his father is Poseidon, God of the sea. For that summer he stays at a camp with other half-bred kids who father’s and mother’s are God’s such as Zeus, Athena and many more.

While at the camp Percy is sent on a quest to find his Father’s lost lightning bolt, the helm and his lost mother. He goes on a trip with a daughter of Athenaa and a Chiron. While on the adventure and quest they meet a few obstacles and are directed to the wrong path. But he finds adventure and daring quests during his ad
venture. He is taken to the underworld and the world of the God’s above the clouds. He is able to defeat the God’s wish to fight the other brothers by finding the brother’s lost treasures and earns respect from his father Poseidon for returning the lightning bold and the helm. They are able find their way and Percy is able to return the lost items to the rightful God in order to prevent any wars within the family. Through his bravery he is able to find his mother in the Underworld and bring her back. But unfortunately he does he does not get to be with his father like he hoped because of laws the father must abide to.

The graphic novel is enticing and exciting filled with rousing swordplay and exciting moments within the book. Percy Jackson and the Olympians in one of many books in the series that Rick Riordan has written. It was a great graphic novel. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, drama and things to do with mythological creatures and God’s of Olympus.

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