Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Draper

March 15, 2011
By Anonymous

“Tears of a Tiger” Review

This book “Tears of a Tiger” by: “Sharon M. Draper” was a great book. This book was about kids at Hazelwood High School. One night some kids from Hazelwood went out and they had a couple of drinks and got in a car crash. The kids were Gerald, Andy, Robbie, Tyrone, and B.J. Unfortunately, Robbie the high school basketball captain died in the accident. The horrible tragedy was a lot for the kids at Hazelwood. Andy though became the new team captain and B.J. became very religious. Gerald was hurting but got his act together. Tyrone was the same but his new girlfriend helped him through the hard struggle. Andy on the other hand was very depressed. His girlfriend tried to help him as much as she could. “Tears of a Tiger” is a good book for kids who like drama and tragedy stories. The ending is very sad but you have to read it to figure it out.

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