When The Bough Breaks by Jonathan Kellerman

March 14, 2011
By Anonymous

I recently read this Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman. This I believe is his first book with the same setting and character.(He made more books containing the same characters and setting.) Basically the story is about a young 33 year old, retired Child Psychologist who is pretty chill and has nothing to do in his life except find hobbies, until his friend Milo, who is an Investigator for the LAPD. The reason for a child psychologist to come into play is because the only witness to a double murder was seen by a young, seven year old girl, who only saw dark figures, so it's the Main Character's job to help the little girl out. The story gets better, and escalates where the main character starts to investigate on his own, and finds himself in all sorts of different troubles. I personally thought it was a really good book. I did not really expect the end at all. Had quite a few blunt areas, and it was pretty amazing in all. I do believe that Johnathan Kellerman's other books containing these characters are probably a good read just as well.

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