The Girl With A Dragon tattoo by Stieg Larsson

March 11, 2011
By Anonymous

The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo review

Mikael Blomkvist is a journalist being convicted of libel. As a journalist he is given information about Wennertsrom committing fraudulent activities and pursuits to expose him. That only turns out to be a false path and Wennerstrom sues him. Mikael is ordered to pay 150.000 Kronor ( about 23.000 USD) and three months in prison. This whole libel affair hurts his reputation and he decides to take time off as an editor for Millennium magazine. But he receives a suspicious call form Henrik Vanger who asks Mikael to investigate the disappearance if his granddaughter Harriet Vanger.
He moves to Hedestad for a year and works on the investigation. For a years work he is promised a lot of money and Henrik promises to tell him about Wennertsrom. Mikael accepts because he still wants to expose Wennerstrom for the crook he is. He learns that Harriet Vanger had disappeared for over 30 years and the police never found her body or anything to lead to what happened to her. She just simply vanished into thin air. While in Hedestad Mikael finds out a lot of clues the police had somehow left out and pursues to finish the investigation. But along the way he reaches a couple of speed bumps where he can’t figure out anything.
He is then paired with another investigator Lisbeth Salander, a tattooed pierced prodigy. She is able to get information on anyone when doing thorough research. But she uses illegal means. She is a hacker A good one too because she never gets caught.
Together Blomkvist and Salander solve the mystery of the missing girls about along the way they find horrendous information regarding the Vanger Family. The brother of the missing girl and father used to get girls, who were usually immigrants from other countries, rape them and murder them. They uncover the mystery that had been happening for over sixty years.

After exposing the brother to the family they are left to solve the rest of the puzzle. They discover that Harriet was never in fact killed in Hedestad. But a friend of hers had helped her escape because she knew what her brother was involved in. She had moved to Australia under a different name. She married and had Kids. After 30 years her grandfather finally reunites with her beloved granddaughter.
But after the investigation Blomkvist does not receive what he wanted, The Vanger family decides not to tell him anything about Wennertsrom. So he sets out to figure it out himself. With the help of his not trusted, close friend and occasional lover, Lisbeth Salander, he sought to bring Wennerstrom down. After another year of investigating he come out again with many sources and things that prove Wennerstrom is in fact a crook. And this time around he wins. He is able to expose Wennerstrom to the world and gets his fame back
The book was great. Even though it had a slow start it defiantly picked up when Blomkvist was in Hedestad. I Think Mikael and Salander are the main characters in the book because the book is centered on them. It was a gripping thriller that kept me on my toes. But the ending in my opinion was a little disappointing. Overall the book is an easy read and a fun read. I would recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries.
This is one of three books by Stieg Larson. It is the first of the series. Other Books by Larson include The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest.

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MsKem said...
on Mar. 15 2011 at 11:19 am
I'll think of you as I read the 2nd book in the series-- while I'm on the beach next week!


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