The Beach House by James Patterson

March 11, 2011
By little.miss.kristyn BRONZE, The Plains, Ohio
little.miss.kristyn BRONZE, The Plains, Ohio
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Peter Mullin was your average 21-year-old man. Although he has had some rough patches in his past, most everybody loved him. Until one night his body was mysteriously washed up on the beach after he was supposed to be working for a nearby party. Now its up to his brother, Jack, to avenge his death. Jack Mullin was 28 years old and about to finish law school, which helped him to figure out that his brother’s death was not an accident. He had found a lawyer, but he wasn’t much help. He had told Jack to give up the case and that his brother had most likely committed suicide. Well of course Jack knew this wasn’t true. His brother was a very happy man and had no reason to commit suicide. So, Jack had to find another way to figure out his brother’s death. He had searched for another lawyer and found one named Pauline. Pauline was also a doctor and had examined Peter’s body before the funeral. She had taken samples of Peter’s lung tissue and compared it to a man’s who had actually died drowning. The photos showed that the other man’s cells were much more saturated than Peter’s. Ex- rays had also shown several broken ribs and many broken fingers. His spine was also snapped in half, which Pauline had said was the main cause of his death. Photos also showed many very defined bruised resembling fists and shoes. Jack concluded, due to this information, that his brother was beaten to death. But who would do something like that to his brother? So he went to court and filed for a inquiry. By the time that the inquiry date had come around, Pauline was scared stiff and couldn’t speak in court. This allowed “witnesses” to speak what they saw. They had said that they had seen Peter swim out into the ocean during dangerous weather. The court had ruled Peter’s death an accident and dismissed the case. Jack was outraged and just knew that someone had paid the witnesses to lie about Peter. Then Jack’s friends, who were also good friends with Peter, decided they needed to help. But soon after strange and life threatening things kept happening to his friends. His friend Sammy was thrown off of a balcony in New York, killing him, most likely by Peter’s murderer. Sensing something that will help his case, jack went over to Sammy’s house. Here, he had found many, many disturbing photos of his brother and many other people, some he knew, some he didn’t. Jack, knowing he had his brother’s murderer hot on his trail, asked Sammy’s mother if he could take them. Of course she agreed, so Jack created a new plan. With the help of his friends, Jack tracked down every single person in the disturbing photos. Once he had known where they lived, he had kidnapped them and taken them to a beach house, close to where his brother was murdered. There, he had set up his own court and had gotten permission from a world-wide news station to broadcast it and get the people’s opinion. Once on the air, jack had started firing questions about his brother and had given little facts to help along the way. Though nothing had prepared the suspects for the shock they had when Jack pulled out the photographs. Of course everyone was outraged. But Jack had finally gotten a confession out of one of the suspects. He had found out that his brother’s murderer wan none other than, his arch enemy, Barry Neubaur. This book is a page-turning, suspenseful story that will change your view on the deaths of the world.

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franny said...
on Jan. 26 2015 at 1:55 pm
Whomever wrote this review did a very crappy job. First of all Pauline is a detective Jane was the medical examiner not lawyer. Second of all I missed the point of the story and the part all about dana.

MsKem said...
on Mar. 15 2011 at 11:12 am
Yeah! It's here!


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