The Missing Girl by Norma Fox Mazer

March 10, 2011
This story is stunning! It is unbalibable, outrages and horrifying. The missing girl urgent, daring, compassionate thriller. In a scenario that has become way too familiar. The missing girl is a dark puzzle where evil and innocence cohabit easily as a small place and dear in our very own neighbor hood.

This story is about a man that stalks five sisters. Autumn, Stevie, Beauty, Mim, and Fancy pay no attention to the man they think he is just some ordinary man. This man watches the five Herbert sisters with disturbing fascinations. The girls unaware of his agitated thoughts, the girls live their ordinary lives, laughing and crying as if nothing could reach the safety of their family and home.

The man always watched them walk to the bus stop. He would stand their and watch the girls, but the girls had no idea he would be watching. The man liked two girls the most out of all five of them Mim and Autumn. He (Wayne) called them belly girl and hair girl. In every move the girls would make it would be delicious to him.

Time is ticking; the man has to react quickly. He (Wayne) gets into his red van van and drives to the girls’ house. The man gets into the house runs threw their until he finds the girl he wants he takes her and runs out with her. Autumn was passed out, moments later she woke up and found herself in a strange room she was very frightened, the room was as cold as winter day. The man waited for her to wake up and when she wakes up, he does the unthinkable to her.

Autumn was missing for months it seemed as if the ground had swallowed her.
Autumn was announced missing and after several days and months Autumn had to act fast and make a plan to escape. He had told her his name was Wayne, when Wayne had gone of to work she had broken down the window with bars. Their was broken glass everywhere, but she didn’t care she had to get out of their and jumped out the window. Autumn was laying on the floor for a minute, when she got up she went to the street she was hiding from the cars, but a women had already seen her she told her that she could trust her that she had kids her self and showed her a picture. The strange lady named Lindsey asked her, “were do u live?” autumn told were Lindsey drove her to her house.

When Autumn entered her house her family ran to her. Later that day they asked her who the man was and showed her pictures then she saw him, she said she would never forget his face. They couldn’t find the man, months later they found him dead in the woods. His body was as pail as a blanket of snow. The improvements that this book had that it keep you guessing what would happen next, as soon as you opened the book you will not want to stop reading it. The only dislikes I had was that some chapters would get out of the main idea, also that He (Wayne) had not said his name till the end of the book.

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123456789 said...
Sept. 23, 2014 at 12:01 pm
thats not how the book goes at all how bout you read the whole book before you wright a review or summery! 1)Autumn gets lost and asks him for directions and willingly follows him in to the how 2)the book never says anything about her getting raped till the end when people were asking about it 3) the windows did not have bars on it 4)she was not missing for months she was missing for about a week 5) when they found the mans body he was decomposing not whiter then the snow!
2799 replied...
Sept. 28, 2014 at 6:00 pm
Thank you for giving the correct information on this book it will help me in my book report.
danibear2212 said...
Oct. 17, 2013 at 8:50 pm
i read the book and that is not how she as kidnapped. she went out for a walk got lost saw him outside his house and asked him for directions and how to get back to her street. he said he had a map in the house and she willingly followed him into his house. that is house she was "kidnapped" he never went to her house and took her from her house
desmiree said...
Mar. 18, 2011 at 11:56 am
That was nice and I want to read this book now and it sounds really really good.
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