"A Called It" by Dave Pelzer

March 9, 2011
Dear Dave Pelzer,

I find myself taking almost everything I have for granted. I never even realized, that I could be abused or have a miserable life. No child deserves to be abused. Your book “A Child Called It” really changed my perspective on children and how they are treated. When I first read about you and how you were treated, it felt like I was in your shoes, not knowing what to do; even though I have never been close to being abused or hurt on purpose. I think back, reading your book, hurting inside that someone would actually put a child through those things.
When I first started into your book, I had to stop every few pages and take in everything I had just read; most of the time I ended up having tears in my eyes. I have never even known anyone to be abused, but now I feel that I could never put anyone through that. When I was growing up I thought I had it bad; thinking my parents were mean for not letting me do everything I wanted. I now know and realize that I have a wonderful life and that I’ve had an amazing childhood. The things you were put through, being burnt on a stove top, being stabbed, having your arm broken, or even cleaning a bathroom full of ammonia, permanently put a picture in my mind. A picture of hurt, a picture of sorrow.
How would I handle a life like Dave Pelzer’s? Is a question I ask my self all the time. This is a question I can never seem to find an answer to. You have set an example to many people, especially me. You have helped me realize that there is a way to make it through our toughest times, a way to survive.

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