Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

March 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Jane Eyre is a book about a girl named Jane Eyre. She is very religious and was adopted by her wealthy mean aunt named, Mrs. Reed. One day Jane fights with her cousin John Reed, because of her fight she was placed in the room where her uncle Reed died. After that day, Mr. Lloyd told Mrs. Reed that she could be sent to a school where they would discipline her, so Mrs. Reed did. After a few years, she was told to be a governess to a manor. She accepted this job, Jane meet a man named Rochester. Over time she fell in love with this man, Rochester, and he proposed to her and she accepted. It was the day of her wedding, about to exchange vows, and then Mr. Mason shouts he has a wife. Jane leaves Thornfield with neither out any trace nor with clothing, money, and food. She arrives to a town, Ferndean, finding a home where should could stay. After a while she realized that she was related to St. John, Mary, and Diana. St. John fell in love with Jane after two years. St. John ask Jane to marry her, she reply no. She then felt as thought a spell was broken from St. John and herself, she left back to Thornfield finding it destroyed. She found where Rochester was, and ran to him. He proposed, and she accepted. They got married, it was a little wedding, and they got pregnant with a baby boy. They live happy ever after.

Could I relate to this story, well in some matters I could. The book is constructed with a lot of drama. I relate to this with the drama. One thing after another such as that fire that accrued in the book. That very day I read that chapter I had an actual fire happen which was funny but scary. Another example is the love in the story, were she thought she was in a trace with St. John. I had an experience to when I left I was in a trace, but that love was not truly love. Lastly her faith to her religion, I also relate to because I breathe and eat religion. I am so faithful as she was even in the hardest of times. I relate to her in many part of the story which made this book of me enjoying.

I truly like the book, at the begging it seem like it was boring to death. It slowly got up to a great story. After that drama with the marriage with Rochester that was thing got spicy. I think it was pretty good story, and my favorite part of this story is she came back to Thornflied finding the place destroyed and finding love. That was a great ending, except that is was short ending but well.
I think if some one who was interested in this book would be a person that like drama and like to read something out of this time frame. The story is about 19 century, making this story sound weird for those not open to the old time culture or does not understand old time culture. I would recommend this to any one just wanting classy but original.

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