Beloved by Toni Morrison

March 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Sethe, a black African-American slave woman, escaped and now lives in Cincinnati Because of the tragedies that had happened in her past, it effects her present. Sethe and her family lives in a house called 124. In her household there is a spirit wondering around her house. Since, Sethe’s past keeps coming to mind, she starts to involve pain. Her daughter, Denver, and old friend, Paul D, helps her ease through pain. Before they could do anything, a special new character comes in, and changes Sethe almost completely.

In this book, there are four main characters; they are Sethe, Paul D, Denver, and Beloved. However, my favorite character is Denver. She is my absolute favorite because for who she is in the story. Denver is the youngest out of Sethe’s four children. I like how Denver is incredibly caring and how she has a curiosity for her surroundings. Although in the story Denver seems to be independent, she cares for her mother dearly.

When Sethe lays on her mother-in-law bed being depressed, I can relate to her position. Sometimes when I feel melancholy, all I do is lie in bed and cry. Also, I think of insane actions like running away, holding my breathe, or cutting myself. Although Sethe contradict Paul D’s words, I sometimes listen and stop my nonsense. Therefore, Sethe and I relate somewhat.

This novel usually is not my first choice in reading, but it was interesting. I like how the author wrote comparisons in this book by simply using similes and personification. Although the book was interesting, it was very confusing. In order to understand the story, I had to reread some lines. Overall I like how I could understand each characters thoughts and their point of view.

I totally recommend this book to women that has thick love for their children, or to those that have an interest in personal fiction stories. I guarantee that by reading this story word for word, the reader will be touched every bit of the moment. Thus, this book is historic because it is a tale about a slave’s adventure. This novel may have been out since September 1988, but we can make it last longer.

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