Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

March 8, 2011
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Love that transcends a generation but still as strong. Lively as the arguments flow out of the characters of Wuthering Heights. In Emily Bronte’s writing pursues to settle in the depths of forbidden romance.

The story follows two generations as Mr. Lockwood visits Wuthering heights for a chance at free land; the frosty winter snow keeps him prisoner at Mr. Heathcliff’s home forcing Lockwood to stay. Visions of undead spirits begin to succumb Lockwood in a world of nightmares, awaken by a chill he witnesses a ghost of the former Mrs. Catherine. Questioning what he saw he seeks info to the houses servant Mrs. Nelly.

As the story advances Lockwood finds the Heights that have been promised to him wasn’t always a land of everlasting fortune as he bestows deeper into Nelly’s experiences. The care taker was able to witness the life span of the older Mrs. Cathy had fallen in love with an orphan boy by the name of Heathcliff. The two became inseparable but as time passes so does people’s feelings of each other. Obsessed with becoming a lady Cathy chooses to marry Edgar Linton despite her love for Heathcliff. Seeking revenge after three years of disappearance Heathcliff became a rich man, but had founded that Cathy gave birth to a daughter and passed away soon after. Heathcliff dirties up the future by using his son as a tool to win the heart of the new Cathy.

Enduring tough times is love the only thing left standing in a plot of revenge. Many twits and turns cross over each other in a frantic frenzy of turmoil.

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