Hard Times by Charles Dickens

March 8, 2011
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In the novel, Hard Times by Charles Dickens, one can relate their lives to the characters. It was first published in 1854, but the plot is so real. The story was about a bunch of characters in a little town known as Coketown. They, like anyone else in the world, go through various struggles to give their kids a better life. My favorite character is Mr.Gradgrind because he is a realist; he deals with the facts that are given to him.

This novel starts with Mr.Gradgrind in a school room giving and taking facts to the children. More characters are introduced and together they try to get through struggles like poor values, being taught to their kids so they try to give their kids better lives. Some characters get it easier than others but they still feel each others pain and they work in a team to alleviate it.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes to relate their lives to characters and read about characters that might be going through the same thing. The connection the reader feels with the characters makes the novel more interesting.

This novel is a great novel. I can relate myself to Mr.Gradgrind because I consider myself a realist. Throughout the story, I felt a connection with this character

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