of mice and men by john steinbeck

March 8, 2011
By samuel hettinger BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
samuel hettinger BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Of Mice and Men, first published in 1937, was written by John Steinbeck. This astounding novel is about two friends, George and Lennie, who travel from job to job together. Lennie is very forgetful and George hates having to remind him of everything he forgets. Even though they do not always get along, they are dependant on each others strengths, and they help each other with their weaknesses.

When George and Lennie get to their new job, they encounter a man named Curley. Curley is the son of their employer, and is a professional fighter. Later Curley tries to single out Lennie and fight him. At first Lennie refuses to retaliate, so George tells him to fight back. After that Lennie grabbed Curley fist in his hand and crushed every bone in it.

Lennie is my favorite character in this novel because he is kind and innocent. Even though he is stupid and makes mistakes he always means well. Lennie also does not judge others and tries his best to always listen.

I could definitely relate to George in this story. I have a very low level of patience, and I hate repeating myself. However I also love all of my friends very much and would do anything for them.

This was an entertaining novel with an unpredictable plot twist. I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone of any age. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and being able to put myself in their shoes.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the astounding writing of John Steinbeck and his use of characterization.

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