too late by elonor robins

February 16, 2011
By Kaitlyn2470 BRONZE, Everett, Washington
Kaitlyn2470 BRONZE, Everett, Washington
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Too late by Eleanor robins is a dramatic novel. Try to read it maybe if you are late to school it will teach you a lesson. This is a fiction book; it is also in a series, called Carter High Chronicles. In this story, Matt learns to be on time or he will miss fun things.

Too late tells about a carless high school boy Matt who is never on time to anything and thinks it is no big deal. The first day of school Matt walks late two his first class and thinks it is no big deal. After that, he still walks in late to everything and thinks it is no big deal. Then his girlfriend breaks up with him because he bees late to all their dates and thinks it not a big thing. In the end he really wants to go to his baseball game, will he be on time or be late, read the book and find out.

I think it is a fantastic book it is tempting to read more. This is a fantastic book, when you read it you will want to read more. This main character Matt is always late to everything. Sometimes I am late to school so I feel the same way. However, not like matt is. Matt thinks it is no big deal but it is. This can relate to people my age, who are late too.

It changed me because now that I know that when you are late you can miss fun things. It is a quick read so it is easy, fun and fast. This author has written many other books just like this one. Read this fantastic book and find out what happens next.

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