The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

February 18, 2011
Junior is the name of a little Native-American boy. He lives on a small reservation in Well-Pinit Washington. Junior is a lonely boy who gets picked on all the time, but everything changes. This book is absolutely amazing. I think every teenager should read this book: it’s an outstanding story.

Junior was this Native-American boy who is having a hard life by losing people he loved dearly and losing everything. Then one little transfer changes his whole life. His Mom, Dad, sister, and friends are all he’s got for now. Junior’s family is poor and it makes it even harder for him. It may seem to you that Junior will be ok, but put yourself in his footsteps. See what he sees and has felt. It’s sad and loving but also very good. I almost cried reading this book, but I also laughed a lot and smiled about the good things and funny moments. But, you see Junior is this Indian who goes through changes and he becomes something big in his life.

This book is the best book I’ve ever read, because I can communicate with it and I think most teenagers can too. I really loved this book! It’s literally funny and depressing. This book taught me that even though life’s hard for you or around you, there’s still a chance for you to change your life but you have to take risks or chances to get there.

This book is absolutely outstanding! It’s better than that! I can’t even put it in words how fantastic this book is. This is a tragic, passionate and depressing and loving book. I give this book five stars. I absolutely love this book!
By: Holly Bails

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Aspiringauhor said...
Feb. 26, 2011 at 9:18 am
I read this book too, and you're right! It is really good. :)
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