Gulliver's Travel Essay

February 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Gulliver's Travels is about a man named Gulliver who is a sailor in the 17-1800's. He goes around the world on several voyages and always ends up in some kind of adventure. On the first voyage that he goes on that leads him to adventure is when he is on a ship like any other day. He is the surgeon of the ship, so he does not have any other duties. The ship ends up heading for a storm and Gulliver finds himself washed up on a beach somewhere. He sleeps for two days, only to wake up and find that little people, the Lilliputians, have tied him to the ground. They end up taking him to their capital city, where he is given a home and is looked at by the royal family. He eventually repels the Lilliputians enemies and lives there for many months. One day the royal court decides to kill him. He escapes and finds his way back home to Britain back with his family. The next voyage he finds himself on, he is captured by pirates and is taken on a boat to another island, this time with people bigger than him. He eventually is taken back home after meeting the royal family of that country. In the next voyage he is suffering mutiny by his ship's crew after being captain of the ship. The crew makes him paddle towards another island and he finds himself on an island with a floating island above it. He is taken up to the island and meets the royal court of people that obsess them selves with math and science. He is then taken off the floating island and meets the people on the ground. There they experiment with science, finding new and better ways to do things. He then paddle so ff the island and is on a new land with horses that can communicate with each other and him. After figuring out how to talk to them he makes a good relationship with them and returns to Britain and his family.

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