Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson

February 9, 2011
By BeccaH BRONZE, Nisula, Michigan
BeccaH BRONZE, Nisula, Michigan
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Have you wondered what it would be like if your wishes came true? In the book Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson is about a girl named Scarlett Wakefield who goes to a private school in London which is full of drama and secrets.

This book is about Scarlett wishing for two things, one in which is to kiss her crush Dan McAndrew. Later on Scarlett is suspiciously invited by the popular group to a party, including Dan. That night Scarlett has her first magical kiss, but then everything goes wrong. In a split second Dan is lying on the ground suffocating. Nobody knows why Dan died, but everyone thinks Scarlett had done something, I mean she was the last one to be seen with him. Scarlett just wants to forget the whole thing, but she can’t. To hide from everything she moves away to a private school out of London. But she can’t hide there, someone knows what happened that night. Scarlett ends up receiving an anonymous note that could clear her name and make her life normal again. Someone knows what happened to the last boy Scarlett kissed and she’s not going to stop till she finds out.

I thought the book was pretty good. The book made thrilling parts that made you want to read more. In the book there are a few parts that you lose your attention during but a few sentences later you’ll become drawn back into the story. Otherwise the book was really attention grabbing. Personally I liked this book and could read it again.

I would recommend this book mostly to younger girls. This book is more based for girls because it’s about drama, love and secrets. Also it’s more based on a teenager’s life, so I don’t think adults would like to read this. Boys could read it if they really wanted to, but half way through the book they would most likely fall asleep. Anyways I think every girl should read Kiss Me Kill Me it may become one of your favorite books, like it has for me!

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