Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

February 9, 2011
In the intriguing novel Twisted, by Laurie Halse Anderson, Tyler Miller is a junior in high school, who transforms from a geek into a well known “tough guy.” Going from a boy whose hardest decision was to choose what time to stop playing video games; Tyler puts himself into a situation that gets more attention than he has ever gotten. He returns to school for his junior year after spending the summer doing landscaping after he vandalizes school property and gets into trouble with the law. Faced with a new reputation and new body Tyler has heads turning towards him, even the popular girl Bethany. She just happens to be his dad’s bosses’ daughter, his worst enemy’s little sister, and Tyler’s biggest crush. But now, Bethany is starting to pay attention to him and things still don’t go right for Tyler.
Laurie Anderson grasps the reader with all the issues Tyler is undergoing. The book is exciting and moving. She keeps your eyes in the book and your hands flipping the pages. The novel teaches you that what a person looks like on the outside could be totally different than what they are feeling on the inside. It wasn’t too long, which was a negative, but the content in the short length was great! Anybody who likes to read about teens or reality situations would enjoy this book. It wasn’t dull and kept your mind interested. It’s fit for teens and high school kids because Anderson is telling about a situation any teenager or high schooler could be going through. She tries to put you in Tyler’s shoes and what’s going on in his point of view.
I would definitely recommend this book! Anybody who feels like they could jump right into the book should read Twisted. You won’t want to put it down; it is a must read!

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