Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

February 9, 2011
By KellyLarson BRONZE, L&#39Anse, Michigan
KellyLarson BRONZE, L&#39Anse, Michigan
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In Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, Hannah Baker is a young bubbly teen who commits suicide. No one know why she decided to end her life, but now thirteen people will be let in on her secrets by a series of tapes she recorded prior to her death.

In the book, Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker are the main characters. This story is through Clay talking about how he feels about what Hannah is saying through the tapes and where he is. The other view is Hannah’s tapes playing.

Now, let’s get to the story. It all starts when Clay receives a shoe box filled with cassette tapes. Clay has no clue where they came from. The box had no return address on it. Inside the box was seven cassette tapes, the seventh one only had one side to it. Clay put in the first tape and he immediately noticed the voice of Hannah Baker. Hannah started off her first tape by introducing herself and why she made the tapes. Every cassette has two stories on them, and each story is about a specific person. Each persons reason for being on the tapes was one of the thirteen reasons Hannah committed suicide. But Clay’s tape is different for all the others. Clay is the good guy in the story and his tape is the one everyone wants to hear.

This whole book is a mystery! Trying to figure out why the people are on the tapes really makes you want to keep reading to find out. But the book at times can also be disheartening, especially when Hannah is depressed and frustrated.

Jay Asher, the author, does an excellent job of explaining the different tapes and reasons in detail. You can clearly visualize the certain places that Hannah is at, and you can also tell the way Hannah is feeling when recording the tapes.

Overall, I enjoyed the book Thirteen Reasons Why. I would definitely recommend this book to girls who enjoy mystery stories.

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